My hair color story : Highlights

The reason I shied away from highlights even though I wanted to have them so badly it hurt, was horrendous orange tinged brassy blonde tones I saw in some people’s hair. They gave me shivers. I was horrified of having to walk about in copper wire hair. Then one evening, my mother was having her hair cut when I asked her if I could get highlights, right then. And she said okay. Just like that. I hadn’t really thought of what I wanted because I didn’t know I was going to have my hair done that evening. It was spontaneous and the most courageous thing I’ve ever done to my hair. The stylist was patient and it calmed me down to know that she really did care about my hair, unlike other stylists who just do what you ask them to and take no responsibility if your hair turns out bad. I told her I didn’t want blonde highlights because I didn’t want to bleach my hair and I couldn’t go through the whole toning process when they start to turn brassy. Which they would, eventually. Black hair has orange undertones and they show up naturally if not taken care of. You can’t really stop it from happening, you can only take care of it. My stylist suggested lightest brown (Inoa) for my black to very dark brown hair. I liked the idea of having sophisticated, blended in, close-to-my-hair-color highlights. It doesn’t look trashy and also gives the illusion of fuller hair. She told me the exact color wouldn’t turn up because I chose not to bleach my hair, so we decided to do a patch test. She colored a strip of hair on my crown for us to see. The color turned out very, very close to what I wanted, so my stylist and I decided to go ahead with it. Now, I cannot emphasize how patient she was with me. She heard and understood what I wanted – blended in balayage highlights. And gave me exactly that. I was very happy with my color and my hair were not very damaged because I hadn’t had them bleached. I was suggested the L’oreal Professionel Vitamino Shampoo for colored hair and the Inoa mask. As I already had two masks at home, I just bought the shampoo. I used the shampoo for every wash for two weeks, then got tired of it, because my scalp screams for attention all the time and oils up really fast. I started using the L’oreal force vector shampoo thereafter. I used the L’oreal Absolut Repair Mask and the Matrix Deep Smoothing mask when I emptied the former. I used the L’oreal Mythical Glow oil for colored hair and the L’oreal Mythical rich oil as a serum and for blow drying at times. My usual flat iron sprays, blow dry creams and heat protectants worked pretty well with my colored hair too so I stuck with them. Overall, I didn’t experience any additional hair fall because of the highlights. I also made an extra effort for my hair everyday to keep them healthy. If you go for global hair color, I would suggest that you ask your stylist to color it at least half an inch away from the scalp because the chemicals in the hair color might irritate a sensitive scalp. Also, you can’t be sure that your scalp is not sensitive to color unless you actually color it. Highlights are a good option, because they don’t go all over the hair, just a few parts and it is easier to maintain, unless you go much lighter, of course. Our mothers and grand mothers have always, always warned us against coloring our hair for the fear of damage and hair fall and bald patches and you name whatever. I say, if you do not have any severe hair problems, go ahead with experimenting with highlights, just make sure you take good care of your hair after it. Below is a picture of my hair freshly highlighted hair color1 And this is my hair presently, I clicked this picture last week I guess hair color2 Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful :*


Repairing damaged hair: Cleansing

I get a lot of questions on how to restore the health of hair that has been damaged due to excessive colouring, heat damage, rough brushing or combing and so on. So I’ve decided to do a series of posts under the ‘Repairing Damaged Hair’ tag because it is very difficult to compress all the information in one post. Also, a very long post gets monotonous to read and a lot of information might slip my mind.

The first post in the series is all about cleansing your scalp. A lot of people forget that the condition of your scalp and the very end of your hair is drastically different. While in some cases, the hair is oily at the scalp, the ends are very dry due to over washing to get rid of the scalp gunk. In other cases, the hair might be moisturised by conditioner but the scalp is dry and sensitive.

I have an extremely oily scalp, as I mentioned in the earlier posts, which has to be washed every alternate day if dry shampoo and other mystical, magical pret powders are not used. ūüėõ Someone like me should ideally stay far away from heat damage and hair colour, because a blow dry doesn’t stay for very long due to all the oil the scalp produces and color fades because of over washing. Ignoring all good advice, I use a lot of heat on my hair and I’ve had highlights done in. Goodbye, naturally healthy hair.

I love the feeling of freshly washed clean hair a lot, because it doesn’t stay for very long. 10 hours in and my scalp looks like I showered the previous day. Hard life. I never really stop looking for the perfect shampoo because I still believe there is a shampoo somewhere that will be my Holy Grail someday. The longest relationship that I’ve had with a shampoo is The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo and it will be the first shampoo I talk about.

hair repair final

We had hard water where we stayed earlier which wrecked havoc on my naturally almost straight hair and I was absolutely desperate to find a chemical free shampoo that would infuse some life into my hair. I read a lot on sulphate free shampoos online and zeroed it on¬†The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo¬†because it was easily available. The shampoo smells divine! It is very thick and has to be mixed with a little water, which is tricky, because very little water makes no difference and a little too much makes it run out of your cupped palm. My suggestion, mix it in a cup or bowl and then pour on wet hair. When I used it for the first time, I immediately regretted my decision. My hair felt coarse and tangled after washing off and I decided to google ‘Different uses of shampoo’ because I was sure this was a disaster. I followed up with conditioner anyway. And lo! My hair immediately drank it up and I could run my fingers through my hair. I was relieved, but not reassured altogether. I decided to wait and see what my hair would look like when they dried. I let my hair air dry. Since my hair is thick, they dried up completely only by the evening. Yup. I was happy to see that my hair was bouncy and had also regained it’s former texture. I used up the bottle and purchased two more bottles thereafter. That time, I wasn’t using any heat, so the au naturel ¬†shampoo worked great for me. My hair was shiny and soft and looked oily only on the third day. All was smiles and sunshine in hair country. Then, I bought a flat iron and a hair dryer.

As I put my hair through a lot of heat damage, the Body Shop shampoo wasn’t good enough for me because I needed some smoothing silicones and other chemicals whose names I cannot pronounce to keep down the frizz with some additional protein and repairing agents to contour the heat damage. That’s when I came across the¬†L’oreal Force Vector Shampoo¬†which is meant for mechanically damaged hair, meaning heat damage, over brushing, breakage due to bad quality bands, hair ties, tight pony tails etc. The shampoo is my current favourite. It cleanses my hair without over drying it. It isn’t good on days when you heavily oil your hair because it is a lower sulphate shampoo which lathers very little. It moisturises my hair brilliantly without weighing it down. t smells musky, like men’s perfume or after shave but not very strong. My scalp turns greasy the next day like it normally would but I’m not complaining because it didn’t promise to control the oil on my scalp like the TBS one. It only promised to strengthen my hair and reduce breakage while making the hair soft, which it did! A while ago, my cousin asked me to suggest her a shampoo because her hair was excessively damaged as she used an old hair dryer. She’d chopped off the damaged ends but the hair still looked fried. She used this shampoo and loved it. It made her hair look healthy and shiny again.

These were the two of my favourite hair cleansers. I’d recommend the TBS shampoo for oily scalp girls and the Force Vector to anyone whose hair looks fried and lifeless.

The Body Shop Balance Shampoo is priced at INR 725 while the L’oreal force vector is priced at INR 575.

Until next time, lovelies, love your precious hair and stay beautiful :*

Beauty 101 : A simple guide for a non DIY girl

I am not a big Do It Yourself girl, unlike many others I have never once typed in DIY anything on the Pinterest search tab. Its not that I am too lazy to do them, they just take too long and the result is not always worth the time and energy put into it. Earlier I tried some face masks with lemon, honey and French clay. It was good, but didn’t really Wow me. Over the time, better face masks and hair products ventured into the Indian market and my homemade shenanigans stopped altogether. I was happy with the results these cosmetic brands gave me until I realized, sometimes, DIYs did the same thing, at a fraction of the price of the products, or at altogether no virtual cost. I believe in publicizing methods or products that personally have worked for me and I only write about them if I make sure to try it out for a good period of time before advising other people to try it. DIY final BAKING SODA¬† Browsing through Pinterest has taught me that baking soda is one miracle product. It helps in clearing build up in your hair and also cleans your pores effectively. I read a great deal about how much people loved using it in their over styled over processed hair and how it infused life into hair that was weighed down and limp. Now, the thing is that I’m sure it can’t give more volume than usual, it is used as a substitute (and a darn good one) for a clarifying shampoo. I personally put a lot of product in my hair and so it needs clarifying once in a week so that it can rid itself of all the build up of shampoo, conditioner, leave-ins and styling products. There are two ways to use baking soda, one is to mix it with shampoo and the other is to mix it with a water to form a thick paste and massage it into your roots and just a bit into your hair. The first method didn’t really work that well for me, it cleared my hair but not totally, which had me almost giving up on the baking soda clarifying trick. But then, I used the second method and was amazed at how fluffy and more lively my hair looked. It was even easier to style. I usually shampoo my hair, rinse it out, then massage the baking soda- water mixture into my scalp gently. Now it is very important that you don’t rub your scalp vigorously because it may lead to tangles. I then deep condition my hair, because baking soda can be a little drying. I felt the difference the very first time I used it and I’ve been doing it every week ever since. Pro Tip : You will notice results faster if you are someone who regularly styles her hair, because there is a lot of build up in styled hair. Also, you may feel that your hair is looking a little rough from using baking soda. This is normal, do not be alarmed and curse me ūüėõ It usually occurs because all of the silicones and other chemical substances supposed to be tamers of frizz and fly aways that are deposited on your hair get stripped off. Your hair will return to normal in two or three washes. For the skin, I use a mixture of baking soda and whole milk on my face. It makes my face squeaky clean without over drying it. I use this mask once or twice a month. It can also be used more often. DIY final 2 VITAMIN E CAPSULES Vitamin E capsules contain the purest form of vitamin E oil which can be used for the face and hair. I personally only use it for the hair. I mix one tablespoon olive oil and puncture 2 vitamin E capsules in it. Vitamin E oil is very thick and has to be diluted in another oil so that it can spread easily and evenly. It really helps in maintaining shine in my hair and the hair feels softer to touch. I mix vitamin E tablets in any oil I use before washing my hair. CURD + LIME Many people confuse lime with lemon. Lime is the green citrus fruit which is found in almost all kitchens in India while lemon is its large, yellow brother. In this mask, both lemon and lime can be used, but I mentioned lime since it is very easy to find. Many of us tan a lot under the unforgiving Indian sun. I am not on a big fairness band wagon and I think a lot of Indian women are misunderstood when they say they want to be “fair”. It is true that India is obsessed with fairness, and fairness products are a thriving industry in the country. But, most women, just want to clear the uneven, patchy tan that accumulates on their skin. Tan might make caucasian skin look glowy, but it makes the Indian skin look dull and tired and that is the main reason why the South Asian Continent digs even toned skin. If you love tan skin, more power to you. I mix two parts curd with part lime, apply it on my face and rinse it off within 15 or sometimes 20 minutes. It not only evens out the skin tone, but also helps with oil control. Not at a magical rate but quite fine. GROUND COFFEE + Olive Oil The reason I use olive oil as a main oil in a lot of recipes is because my skin is highly allergic to refined coconut oil. I never put it alone in my hair (I do use it in different concoctions) and keep it far far away from my face. It is quite weird, because coconut oil was the only oil I put in my hair when I was in school, it just suddenly started to break me out. The reason behind which is unknown to me, and therefore I always avoid it. Ground coffee powder and olive oil make a lovely body scrub for me. My skin feels very smooth and hydrated. I don’t use any moisturizer on my body the day I use this scrub. It also helps in toning your skin and is a remedy for cellulite! YAY! So these were some things that really work for me, give it a try and tell me if they work for you too! Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :* Image courtesy : &

Fabulous Volume for greasy second day hair : Osmo Dry Shampoo & Osis+ Dust it Mattifying Powder

I have struggled with greasy roots on the very next day of hair wash all my life. A lot of Indian girls are victims of the ‘greasy roots- dry ends’ hair situation because of the warm weather combined with pollution and hard (ground) water. When I was in school, I washed my hair only once or twice a week, because that’s what my mother did. I didn’t really ever think that maybe my mother and I had different kinds of hair. No one pays heed at that age anyway. I used the shampoos that my mother bought, I oiled my hair like she did and never used any other product. Now, turns out my mother has a dry scalp while mine is oily. VERY OILY. To the extent that if I never oiled my hair in my entire lifetime, the natural oils would nourish my hair just fine. So, because I did everything hair related so similar to my mum, I got dandruff. Yes, ick! But I did. I thought maybe it was the pollution or the weather or maybe that’s just my poor fortune. Then I made the biggest mistake of my life. I used the Head and Shoulders shampoo to get rid of the dandruff. The dandruff remained, the only things that went away was my healthy scalp and my soft shiny hair. Yes, poof!

Many many years later, today, I have a good amount of knowledge about how different scalp types and hair kinds really work and how I should take care of my hair. I started using a mild shampoo for my scalp type, a good quality conditioner for my hair type and styling products.¬†BUT,¬†what you put on top of your scalp cannot change how it works internally. If you’re born with a greasy scalp, you’ll live and die with a greasy scalp. Embrace it, and take care of it. It’ll give you all the love back.

About two years ago, dry shampoos were introduced in India by L’oreal called the Fresh Dust dry shampoo. I bought a can instantly, ofcourse. It claimed to provide volume and texture and made you dream about magazine cover-esque second day hair. Honestly, It only soaked up the oil on my scalp and left it with a LOT of powdery white residue. It also weighed down my hair and my only option was to tie it up in a ponytail or a bun. I felt the desperate urge to wash my hair the next day. I lived with that because at least my roots were not greasy.


Then I found two MIRACLE products that work  great with each other and give me CRAZY volume, maintain the styling I did the day before and also, NO WHITE RESIDUE! 

The first product is the Osmo Day Two Styler Dry Shampoo which retails for¬†INR 650¬†(I got it for INR 320 from Flipkart during their sale, currently the price on Flipkart is INR 560). It is an excellent dry shampoo to say the least which smells like lemons. If you saw my hair on the second evening, you’d ask me if I’d oiled it. Believe me. I spritz this generously section by section on the my scalp, let it stay while I do my make up and then massage my scalp for it to absorb oil better and also, the massaging lift the roots and gives some volume. The dry shampoo does give volume but not the ‘Wow! Is that MY hair?’ volume. Nevertheless, I am a fan!

After I’m done with my makeup, I sprinkle the Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder¬†(priced at INR 699 which I also got at a discounted price of INR 490 I guess, I don’t clearly remember)¬†into cupped fingers and lightly dust it on my scalp, in areas where I want volume, like the front, the crown and the sides above the ears. I have to dust a little at a time because it needs to be rubbed in the scalp really quick or it sets, which is not a problem but you’ll be using a lot more product and finish the entire tiny bottle. This product gives the most volume I have ever gotten out of a product, and I have tried mousses and volume sprays and whatever you name!


I am left with hair that looks freshly washed but with crazy volume which I generally tie into a loose side plait, with these kind of romantic, delicate strands of long hair scattered carelessly on the other side.

On the next day, that is the third day, I still don’t need to wash my hair, it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. I can manage another day with a hair band braid or a bun. This is a great achievement for these two products because earlier I felt the need to wash my hair every single day.

If you have hair like mine, I would definitely recommend both these products for you. Even if you don’t, the Dust it powder will give you insane volume! So love your scalp, love your hair and love yourself.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

Are you taking off your makeup right? : The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter + Other options

Have you ever woken up in the morning and found little bumps or straight up one big pimple on your face and wondered maybe it is just the hormones acting up or you’re eating unhealthy? If those pesky gatecrashers have been showing up persistently even though you’re doing everything right, maybe you need to consider pores clogged with makeup as their inviter.


A lot of us love wearing makeup. It is not because we want to hide our true selves behind cakes and layers. Makeup is an expression. Even liberating. To be able to colour your lips any shade of the rainbow! (I mean it. Have you seen the blue lipstick in the New MAC Matte Collection?) But what if the same makeup causes harm to your skin? Will you go with that age old hogwash of “not using anything on your face”? I say, don’t.

A suitable makeup remover is a must for for someone who wears makeup and for those who wear makeup once in a while alike. It is very important to take off ALL of your makeup before you hit the bed or else they will clog your pores for eight whole hours causing pimples and will devour through your glow eventually.

Your simple everyday face wash is never enough to take off your makeup. An oil based makeup remover comes to your rescue at such a time. It has been fairly popularised now. But that doesn’t mean it is a new concept. Marilyn Monroe used Shu Uemura cleansing oil to cleanse her face after a day of heavy makeup, each night. Oil based removers are the best option because most of the makeup today are waterproof or water resistant and oil helps to break down the makeup and melt it off the face effectively. It is very easy to use, better than bi-phased cleansers that have to be applied on cotton pads and then wiped off; some cleansing oils even have added healing properties.

My favourite oil based cleanser is The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. It comes in a balm like texture and has a calming chamomile fragrance. I scoop out a little, warm it up between my fingers and the balm turns into an oil like form. I massage it in circular motions all over the face and neck. I can instantly see the makeup coming off of the skin and mixing with the oil. I then rinse it with warm water and follow with a face wash. I do not feel any grimy layer of oil on my face after washing off the butter, just moisturised skin.The face wash is not necessary but I read about the Japanese double cleansing method which requires two washes – one with an oil based cleanser and one with a foam based cleanser or any other face wash. I’ve been following it for two years now, and I’ve not gotten a single breakout because of makeup left on my skin.


The Cleansing Butter is priced at¬†INR 895 (keep an eye for discounts on the TBS online store) for 90 ml of the product. I’ve finished up two tins of it already and am on the third tin. This cleanser suits my sensitive skin best because it does not have any mineral oil or silicones. It is 100% naturally derived. I have the most sensitive, oily skin; that is just ready to break out at any given chance. So, if it suits me, it will definitely suit you.

Some other options of oil based cleansers are:

  • The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil – Price: INR 1095
  • Sephora Cleansing oil – Price: INR 900 approx (I visited Sephora a while back, I’m not very sure about the exact price)

Other options for makeup removal (bi-phased cleanser):

  • Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean makeup Remover – Price: INR 220
  • Lakme Absolute Bi phased makeup remover Price: INR 224

Hope you found this post helpful and will rid your face of ALL the gunk and makeup and stay beautiful! Until next time! :*

The Budget Miracle: Matrix Biolage Repairinside Conditioner

final blog image 1

Hello Lovelies! I’m so glad I got so many responses and questions regarding my previous post in my Facebook message box, gtalk and Whatsapp messenger. I did find it a little tedious to switch to and from so many messaging mediums, so I want to please ask you to try to comment here, on the blog, so I can answer everyone within an appropriate time. That being said, I will never be too busy to answer any queries anywhere, so please do not hold back! ūüôā

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m guilty of putting a lot of heat in my hair, which can make hair rough and lifeless which in time can lead to split ends. Before I begin to talk about the product or my hair, I’d like to make it clear that NO PRODUCT,¬†however expensive it might be or how much ever it may promise to repair your hair completely, can completely reverse damage or make your hair as good as new. Hair, as you know, are dead cells, just like your nails. Say, if your nail was to chip from the middle, leaving a tiny crack, you cannot reseal that crack, no matter how much protein you put into it. Same way, the split in your hair cannot be sealed and you cannot get your virgin hair back. So what is Virgin Hair? It is hair that has never been ironed, curled, blow dried or coloured. So, basically, that was your hair until your school was over and you had a mother who was determined to not let you ruin your hair. (Thanks Ma!)

When your hair is exposed to heat or harsh chemicals (rebonding, colouring etc), it starts losing its building fibers and thins out. It does not happen if you just iron it once, take a breath! ūüėÄ Hence people like me, who style their hair a lot have to take really good care of it so that we do not end up with a hay stack in the near future. I have tried several repairing hair masks and conditioners and they worked well. Considering how much they cost, it would be a shame if they didn’t.


But recently, I found the¬†Matrix Biolage Repairinside Repairing Conditioner¬†which works just as good as those high end ones. To give you a clearer view, I’ll be comparing it to the old and new versions of the¬†L’oreal Professional Absolut Repair Mask.¬†

final blog image 3

The conditioner comes in a sleek silver ¬†inverted tubular bottle and smells a bit like L’oreal total repair 5 range but with hints of floral. The smell is very unlike Matrix Biolage that always does floral, calming fragrances for its products. It is not bothersome though. The texture is moderately thick, like any other conditioner.

Now, coming to the performance, hands down, this is¬†THE¬†best drugstore conditioner I have used. It de-tangles my hair as soon as I apply it. I know this because I comb through my hair after 2 minutes of putting conditioner to spread it evenly. The conditioner also absorbs really fast. Generally when I comb out my hair, I can see traces of conditioner at the bed of the comb’s teeth; When I use this, I don’t see any! I let it sit for around 10 minutes (the time required for it to work is only 1-3 minutes) and rinsed it out. My hair felt very soft and smooth. To test how it actually makes my hair feel and look, I skipped any serum or leave in conditioner. I let it air dry and went on with the day. When my hair dried, I tried to brush it, and Behold the Miracle!¬†NOT A SINGLE TANGLE!¬†My hair does not usually knot or tangle too much but considering how mean I am to it, it throws around the usual tangle or two. But not with this conditioner. I was quite appalled at the quality of a drugstore product.

About its claim of repairing from the inside and giving soft, shiny hair on the outside, it is absolutely true! It made my hair so soft and so shiny, all without weighing it down at all!

Compared to the old Lactic Acid version of the L’oreal Absolut Mask, this does not weigh down the hair but makes it very shiny, which loreal didn’t. The old mask was only to provide protein to the hair which it did really well; considering we had hard ground water at our previous house and it would just strip my hair of any moisture and deposit hard minerals on the hair shaft with each wash. The mask was replaced with a newer technology variant which had lipidium. It claimed to be the same, but when I used it, it did not de-tangle or soften as good the older one. It made my hair strong in an “elastic” kind of way. You know how you can stretch an elastic and it stretches just a bit further than you think it will? That kind. When I ran a hair brush through my hair, I could feel my hair pull at a tangle but not break as easily as I perceived it would. It also made my hair appear a bit shinier. So I came to a conclusion that a repairing mask can either give your hair nutrients OR make it shiny. The Matrix Repairinside conditioner however, did both for me.

I highly recommend this conditioner to everyone because it really did dwell on all its promises. It de-tangles effortlessly and gives your hair a boost of moisture without weighing it down. Its like an energy drink for your hair.

final blog image 2

Rating : 5/5

Price : INR 250

The very first post : Ramblings and L’oreal professional Liss Unlimited Thermo-Active Cream.

I am filled with this oddly happy, nervous energy. Like when a puppy is so happy, you feel like it is whimpering! But really, its heart is just bursting with joy! Firsts are always special and this is my ‘first’ at writing a beauty blog.

The thought crept into my mind a year or two ago, when, all of a sudden there were Indian beauty blogs on the internet and the idea was so glamorous, I was enchanted. I didn’t really think I could do it, until a few days ago when the very lovely, very gorgeous Faiqa asked me on my Instagram photo if I wrote a beauty blog. The idea of writing for beauty didn’t seem so vague anymore. If someone saw potential, I thought, maybe I had it. Thank you so much my darling Faiqa, I began because of you!

So, finally to the review, it is my favourite hair product at the moment,¬†L’oreal Liss Unlimited Thermo Active Cream¬†meant for rebellious hair. Now, I have wavy to straight hair that I have been blow drying after every wash for the past year. Harsh, I know. But I don’t go all the way using brushes and setting spray. I just finger-dry it on the lowest heat and highest speed setting. (Please do let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a review on my hair dryer, because, seriously, it¬†IS¬†that amazing!)


My hair are generally well behaved but they transform into their poofy, frizzy, horribly wavy glory in the monsoons. Earlier, I would just tie them up in a greasy high bun and forget about it until the next wash. Until recently when I came across this thermo active treatment which is supposed to smoothen rebellious hair. I would include what the product claims it does, but most of it is not in English. So, hard luck. It only has instructions at the back which asks the user (consumer/buyer?) to apply on damp or pre dried hair and style as usual.

As the name suggest, the product needs heat to be activated or to smooth down hair. L’oreal has the same thermo active cream in the Force Vector variant too, but it is not available in India as of now. You can still buy it on Flipkart but at double the price. (Not worth it!)

I apply the cream on towel dried, damp hair and let it absorb for 5 or 10 minutes while I apply my moisturizer or do my makeup if I’m going out. The texture of the cream is thick and it has tiny shimmers. I rub it between my palms, and take it bit by bit towards my fingers and comb my fingers through my hair. I then flip my hair and start drying my roots on the low speed and low heat setting. When my roots are almost dry I turn up speed but keep the heat setting the same and flip my hair from side to side (Not really fast! hahaha!) and continue drying till my hair does not have any moisture (from water) left. If I want sleeker hair, I go in once roughly with my hair iron and smooth out my hair, I feel it just seals in the treatment better.

I’ve used some pretty high end creams and leave in conditioners in the past and trust me when I say this is the only product that does not cause my hair to frizz up in this humid weather.


But,¬†word of caution¬†(I’m so dramatic, I know!) If you are only looking for a leave in treatment and your hair is fine, this is not for you. It will control the frizz and static but it will weigh down your hair, because when I say it is thick, I mean it. Also, if you are looking for strengthening, controlling breakage or repairing damaged hair, look away. (This does help in hair breakage because it de-tangles fabulously but it doesn’t actually provide protein or natural nourishment to the hair. It only provides moisture for parched, dry hair.) Another point is, that the instructions say it can be used on pre dried hair too.¬†YOU CANNOT!¬†I tried it once and ended up with a sticky, gross mess that I washed off the same night because I just couldn’t take it!

So, pick this baby if you just want to tame the lion that your hair thinks you are in the monsoon. Expect no core strengthening (too much working out, don’t ask) or revitalizing of hair. Just, soft, manageable hair. (also, SHINY!!)

Thank you for reading, hope you come back for more! I would love feedback, positive and negative alike. Stay blessed!

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality photographs! My camera was acting funny. I promise better photographs next time. ūüôā


The above picture is my hair, blow dried using only the thermo active cream.