NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam Review

The world of makeup wearing women is divided into two basic categories – Team Eyes and Team Lips. Team Eyes experiments extensively with eyeliners, kohls, kajals, eyeshadows, crease cuts and smokey eyes while Team Lips is attracted to all kinds of lip colours; bold, bright, barely there, nudes and has numerous lipsticks in their kitty. I for once, am from Team Lips! I love wearing lipstick and how! I love my nudes just as much as I love my brights!

There is however, always one colour that women LOVE but it still puts them in dilemma. Red. Which red would suit me? Is it too dark? Vampy? Too bright? Ugh! This one is just TOO GLOSSY! My lips look like latex! Gosh!

And on and on and on we go!


Which brings me back to the present where I’m about to review a red lipstick that pleases everyone! Heard that right!


The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream literally appears to be cream like (the whipped kind but not as fluffy looking, obviously) It is very soft and smells ever so slightly fruity, not very candy like though. It glides like a dream on the lips and looks glossy at first but dries to a velvety finish which appears matte but is still hydrating. I skip applying lip balm whenever I use this because I feel it doesn’t let the lip cream set to a matte finish and just sits being all glossy on top of the balm. If you have severely dry lips, you can definitely use a balm.

The colour is a blue based, moderately bright red which would suit all skin tones. It brightens up the face and if you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing base makeup but still want your face to look alive, this red is for you. It doesn’t make any skin tone look stark, blends nicely with every undertone and is very well pigmented, so it will not sheer out on your lips if they have pigmentation.


The lipstick wears quite long when it is allowed to set for some time, about 10 minutes without moving perhaps and survives meals that are not very oily. It also leaves a beautiful pink stain as it fades.


The only problem I have with this is that it finishes off too fast! There is only 8ml of product in the tube and I’ve hardly used it a lot for it to get over so soon! I think the packaging is to blame for this because it is opaque and you really can’t see how much is exactly left.

Apart from that I love this lipstick and am planning to buy London, Copenhagen and Antwerp variants soon!

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream retails for INR 750 presently.

Until next time lovelies, stay beautiful and rock those red lips! :*


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