MUA Winter Forest Matte Palette Review

Hello there, lovelies! It’s that time of the year again! Winter is finally here and we can all dig out our super bold eye palettes to create grunge looks and wear dark berry lips!

Finding a good quality, affordable eyeshadow palette in India is a bit of a task and to top it off if you want a matte one, you just better look online because a lot of drugstore companies don’t really make impressive matte palettes in India.

20151027_134626 (1).jpg

I was planning to buy a certain new, very popular matte eyeshadow palette. Everyone all over Youtube and across  beauty blogs was raving about it. I rushed to purchase one for myself, but I was really disappointed when I swatched it on my hand. The colours just wouldn’t show up! I then tried this very eyeshadow palette at my friends’ when I went over and I thanked myself for not buying it because it didn’t show up on my eyes as well. All neutral colors were like warm and cool tone versions of the same colour. AND it was not cheap. I won’t reveal the name of the company because I didn’t purchase the product so I don’t think I should pass judgement on something I haven’t even invested in.


Top to bottom : Sand, Truffle, Chino, Dove Grey, Slate


Top to Bottom : Camel, Azure, Aqua, Midnight, Smoke

So, story time being over ( 😛 ), I purchased this MUA eyeshadow palette online as it was on sale and I’ve always read good reviews of MUA eye shadows.

I was very impressed when this arrived because the shades were very well pigmented. Even the lighter ones, they don’t really show up in all their glory but they don’t disappear into your skin colour as well.

The two light yellow (Camel) and beige (Sand)  colours don’t show up that well unless you use  a good eye shadow primer and the mint (Azure) applies patchy unless you use a similar eye pencil or cream shadow underneath. But none of the colours look chalky, very surprisingly.

The shadows are very smooth and blendable. I’ve never had to drag a colour on my eyes. All colours except for the three mentioned above show up well and stay put for a very long time without an eyeshadow primer. If you do add an eyeshadow primer, there’s nothing that can bend these babies.

The colours don’t fall out or get very chalky even if you build them up quite a lot.

The only downside would be that all of these are cool colours and don’t have any warm tones except for the yellows which could be a problem if you’re yellow toned like me and need a warmer colour to go in the crease.

Overall, this palette is all that it claims to be: Ultra smooth, non chalky and buildable. It is also very affordable and has great neutrals for if you are just starting out with doing your eyes. I honestly do not see any downside in the palette which is great!

The MUA Winter Forest Matte Palette retails for INR 510 in online stores. These are not available at drugstores.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*



BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave In Spray Review

Hello lovelies! If you’re a regular follower of the blog or my Instagram account ( 😛 ) you might be familiar with my obsession with big, voluminous hair! I prefer lift and volume even for an everyday look. Whether its blow dry or a ponytail, go high or go home is my motto! Sounds a bit wrong but you know what I mean. 😀


I had been wanting to purchase this leave in spray for sometime but I thought I’d wait for someone else to try it and review it so I could be sure about the product. Since the nozzle of my volume mousse broke off, I was desperately looking for something that would give me volume but not make the hair stiff or crunchy. I was confused between getting this or the Big Sexy Hair Spray but impulsively picked this up while grocery shopping with my mum. And am I glad that I did!


I am actually really apprehensive about the products that I buy and I expect them to have tall claims and not really live up to all of them. But I was really, if you may, “Blown away” by this.


The instructions say that you must “Flip hair upside down and spray evenly on damp hair, focusing on the roots. Dry naturally or blow dry for full-blown volume.”

I did exactly that and blow dried my hair and I was amazed at the kind of volume and texture it gave my hair. My mother isn’t really the gushing kind and doesn’t go gaga over how I look unless I really do look good. And she was enamoured by how full and bouncy my hair looked too!


What made me happy apart from the volume part is that it didn’t make my hair sticky at all. Generally any product that promises volume will make your hair just a bit sticky or maybe a little stiff because the product needs to hold the hair for maintaining volume for a long time. But this MIRACLE spray held the volume for three days straight (until I washed it off) and my hair didn’t feel icky, greasy or stiff even on the third day. I just needed a dry shampoo for my oily scalp and I tied my hair up in a pony and I was good to go. Like, WHAT?

The next time I sprayed this on my towel dried hair and let it dry naturally, it gave good volume (not as much as when I had blow dried but still great) and there was no stickiness this time either.

The product does not cause crazy build up and it didn’t make my scalp itchy or sensitive AT ALL which is a big thing because I have a very sensitive scalp which turns raw and red with some root lifting powders and products, but not with this one!


The product also claims to be a heat protectant on its own and I would most likely believe it but I use my L’oreal mythic oil nevertheless. The SA at the counter said I could iron my hair with this as well but I think that claim is a little far stretched because even though the product isn’t sticky while air drying or blow drying, products with volume and hold tend to stick to the surface of the flat iron and it may lead to breakage. Personally I do not recommend this for flat ironing but in all fairness the bottle doesn’t claim to do so. I’m just putting this down in case an SA tells you the same thing.

Overall, I really LOVE this product! It lives up to each and every claim it makes and it is affordable! What more would you want? I’m very happy with my purchase and I think I will continue to repurchase this until I get bored of volume in my hair!


The BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray retails for INR 550 and is also available in online store for a lesser price.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

Tried and tested DIY Toner for glowing skin

Hello Lovelies! My health has been on a ride for sometime and I’m feeling lethargic a lot these days, which explains why I’m irregular in putting up posts. But finally I’m here with a, might I say, “miracle” toner that will give you glowing skin.

Now, I have to admit, this is not my idea or concoction; I saw it on Farah Dhukai’s Youtube channel and she does so many helpful DIYs for face and hair! Add to that she has such gorgeous glowing skin! You must watch her videos because I think all of them are bomb! So, enough with the gushing! 😛 She put up a video of a toner that would not only get rid of acne and scars but also give gleaming, glowy skin. I was very impressed and the comments under the video were very positive, a lot of women and men said it benefited to a great extent in lightening acne marks and getting a lovely glow.

All you need for it is:

A few strands of pure saffron 

Pure Rose Water


That is it! Now, I must tell you that because the hero of this toner is the saffron, make sure you use only good quality saffron strands and not any saffron powder with preservatives. Only SAFFRON STRANDS. I know that saffron is very expensive but you need only 3 or 4  to make half a standard size cosmetic spray bottle, which is probably 60 ml or so.

You need to use this once or twice a day, I would advice two times for better results. Just spray about three pumps onto a cotton pad or cotton wool and dab on the entire face. Follow up with moisturiser to lock the goodness in.

Saffron is very widely known in India for its medicinal and aesthetic benefits. In addition to which it is anti- inflammatory and antiseptic.

Rose water is soothing, hydrating and also tightens pores to some extent. I must also warn you to not use those cheap commercial rose waters that flood the Indian market. Most of them are heavy with glycerin, preservatives and colour. You need only pure rose water without any of these harmful ingredients.

Now, I did not have pure rose water available and Forest Essentials has closed down its store in the mall that is near my place. So I just made it with pure distilled water.


I filled half of my spray bottle with distilled water and put 4 strands of saffron in it. I let it stay for about 15 minutes after which I shook it. The water had turned a lovely yellow-gold colour. This is also a test for the saffron quality, very few strands are needed for the water or rose water to change its colour. I used this toner twice a day on a cotton pad after washing my face and before putting on moisturiser. It moisturises my face well and preps it for moisturiser. My skin was glowing withing two days of using it.

A little note- my skin was experiencing really bad rashes and inflamation because of the changing weather which I was working very hard to restore to its earlier glory. After using this toner, I could feel that my skin was soothed and not as itchy. The rashes disappeared in a matter of days and it has been two weeks that my scars have started to fade. It has given me a lovely dewy glow which only enhances when I put on my foundation and I’m a happy girl now! 😀

I want all of you lovelies to have a glowy face for the new year’s bash and I hope you try this DIY and like it!

The only people who shouldn’t use this would be someone who is allergic to saffron. We Indians have been putting saffron in all of our sweets and our mums gave it to use mixed with milk to make us stronger, so I doubt a lot of people would be allergic to saffron. But if you are, please stay away! There might be better products for you! :*

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Colour Glow Oil Review

Hello my lovelies, I’m back again for another review. As the title says, it is for the L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Colour Glow Oil. I purchased this when I got my highlights, which you an read about here. I already had the original Mythic Oil at that time in the Rich formula and I feel that the colour glow formulation is better than the original one.


Starting with the packaging, it comes in a plastic box which contains the bottle which is a luxurious gold colour and a lot of beauty bloggers really went gaga over the packaging. In all honesty it does look cute on the vanity. The bottle has a pump which houses a cap over it, the cap securely closes with a “tick” and it doesn’t come off in your bags if you are travelling. I’ve taken it with me on quite some trips and there has been no spillage.

The oil is very light but still has the viscosity of an oil. It smells pleasant and is in no way over powering, the fragrance is light and flowery. The colour glow oil absorbs easily in wet or dry hair and doesn’t look greasy. It instantly detangles the hair quite well and gives it a little slip.

I usually apply it to wet hair because products distribute evenly when hair is wet than when they are dry. I usually layer this up with a styling cream or mousse because it is not potent enough to protect hair from very high heat damage. But the usage instructions do say that you can style your hair as usual with this, which you can. I’ve done it a few times when I don’t want to put too much product in my hair and want it to feel light  and airy. On its own, the oil gives immense shine and softness to the hair, but it does not hold style unless it is sleek straight hair. Also, this oil cannot be used as a protection against hair irons, you’ll have to additionally use a flat iron cream or spray over it. It is perfect for blow drying though. I generally also take the tiniest amount after I’m done styling my hair for my ends and it does make my ends more moisturised and healthy.

Now, the only shortcoming that I can find in this product is that people who don’t like silicones in their hair products not  be happy as the product is not all natural. Personally I think hair colour is not natural either, and the very good quality all natural products are very heavily priced in the Indian market so this is a good alternative because although it has silicones it does not make your hair feel piece-y after a few uses. It maintains the flow that hair has and it gives a lot of shine to the hair.


Speaking specifically of shine, I would like to point out that people who have had global hair colouring done will see more shine as opposed to people who have highlights; Because this colour glow oil somehow makes the coloured hair really luminous. It does make all of the hair look shiny but not as light reflecting or luminous as the coloured parts.

Overall, it is a really good buy for people with coloured hair as it gives luminosity, softness and also some manageability.


I’m in a fix regarding the current price for it because some sites are having a sale and others have kind of really increased the price of this to 50 percent more! I got it for INR 899 and I think if you visit the L’Oreal Salon Chains it is still the same.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*



The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream Review

Hello there, lovelies! I’ve been missing in action for quite sometime now and I want to apologize for it but I’m also happy that you peeps have been gracious enough to check my blog on a regular basis! All the emotions being sorted, I’m going to do quick reviews of quite some products in the days to come.



Today’s product is The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream. I got this when my face was getting dry patches and rashes (which it still is recovering from) due to the volatile weather conditions in the city. The sun was burning hot in the day followed by heavy rains in the evening and cold nights. It was steadily wrecking havoc on my skin. My face was in desperate need of moisture that would quench the dry patches but not turn my face into an oil well.


This moisturizer came to my rescue. It soothes the dry patches very well and also gives a very natural matte finish. I cannot say matte totally, but the way normal skin feels. That is not too dry or too oily. It has illuminating particles that give the face a slight glow. Don’t expect a halo effect though. It has a pink tint which does not show up as highly pigmented unless you slather a lot onto your face. Which is not a worry because it settles down in a few minutes.


Even though it doesn’t make the skin very oily, it might oil up if the sun is too harsh. The cream does not have any SPF whatsoever which is turn off for people who like multi tasking products; But personally, I’m a thorough sunscreen wearer so it is not a problem for me. It is actually a plus because the cream can be worn underneath makeup in the evening and at night for a nice dewy look which doesn’t photograph ghastly in flash.

Get this cream if you are an oily skin girl who needs moisture in the winter months. I wouldn’t recommend this for severely dry skin or very humid places.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream retails for INR 1295 at The Body Shop outlets across the country and is also available on their official website and online stores like Flipkart.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*