MUA Winter Forest Matte Palette Review

Hello there, lovelies! It’s that time of the year again! Winter is finally here and we can all dig out our super bold eye palettes to create grunge looks and wear dark berry lips!

Finding a good quality, affordable eyeshadow palette in India is a bit of a task and to top it off if you want a matte one, you just better look online because a lot of drugstore companies don’t really make impressive matte palettes in India.

20151027_134626 (1).jpg

I was planning to buy a certain new, very popular matte eyeshadow palette. Everyone all over Youtube and across  beauty blogs was raving about it. I rushed to purchase one for myself, but I was really disappointed when I swatched it on my hand. The colours just wouldn’t show up! I then tried this very eyeshadow palette at my friends’ when I went over and I thanked myself for not buying it because it didn’t show up on my eyes as well. All neutral colors were like warm and cool tone versions of the same colour. AND it was not cheap. I won’t reveal the name of the company because I didn’t purchase the product so I don’t think I should pass judgement on something I haven’t even invested in.


Top to bottom : Sand, Truffle, Chino, Dove Grey, Slate


Top to Bottom : Camel, Azure, Aqua, Midnight, Smoke

So, story time being over ( 😛 ), I purchased this MUA eyeshadow palette online as it was on sale and I’ve always read good reviews of MUA eye shadows.

I was very impressed when this arrived because the shades were very well pigmented. Even the lighter ones, they don’t really show up in all their glory but they don’t disappear into your skin colour as well.

The two light yellow (Camel) and beige (Sand)  colours don’t show up that well unless you use  a good eye shadow primer and the mint (Azure) applies patchy unless you use a similar eye pencil or cream shadow underneath. But none of the colours look chalky, very surprisingly.

The shadows are very smooth and blendable. I’ve never had to drag a colour on my eyes. All colours except for the three mentioned above show up well and stay put for a very long time without an eyeshadow primer. If you do add an eyeshadow primer, there’s nothing that can bend these babies.

The colours don’t fall out or get very chalky even if you build them up quite a lot.

The only downside would be that all of these are cool colours and don’t have any warm tones except for the yellows which could be a problem if you’re yellow toned like me and need a warmer colour to go in the crease.

Overall, this palette is all that it claims to be: Ultra smooth, non chalky and buildable. It is also very affordable and has great neutrals for if you are just starting out with doing your eyes. I honestly do not see any downside in the palette which is great!

The MUA Winter Forest Matte Palette retails for INR 510 in online stores. These are not available at drugstores.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*



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