Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Reviews

Hello lovelies! I’m back after almost a month for a review and I have today, a star product, which is, as the title suggests, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.


I have only used different types of sponges and puffs to apply my foundation since the time I’ve started to do up my face. I was sort of satisfied with it because I thought that a product is the star of the makeup, not the applicator. And so, I felt like I did not really need to care what I used to put on my foundation with as long as the foundation was a great one. Like a lot of times, I was wrong. This time, I was proven wrong by this fabulous brush.


Now, the real reason I got this brush was that I was really weary of using sponges. I tried them dry, I tried to dampen them but they still didn’t give me the “perfect” finish. I was contemplating buying the beauty blender for quite sometime and I watched a lot of Youtube videos for reviews so I’d know it was worth the money, because darling, that thing can empty your pocket! The problem I had with the beauty blender is that you have to use it damp, which I don’t like. Any damp applicator does not go with my foundation which is water resistant, sweat proof and mattifying. It just looks off putting, like something is not right or something is missing. Moreover I was tired of touching the very applicator that I was putting on my face. If you use a sponge or the beauty blender or it’s dupe, you’d know that you have the hold the very sponge you put on makeup with and at some point you’ll have to use the side you have touched to sheer out the coverage or to use the side which is clean. It was really starting to bother me. So I just bought this brush after reading and watching some great reviews.


I am really happy with this brush. It is densely packed and the bristles are very soft and gentle on the skin. It is perfect for liquid, cream and powder foundations; And gives perfect finish with all three. You use less product as it does not drink up foundations like the sponges and it gives good coverage even with little product. The brush is an ideal size, not too large that you’d accidently go over your eyes while covering your dark circles; And not too little that it takes 15 minutes for you to only finish doing your base. I literally finished doing my face and neck in 3 minutes flat! I promise you I also set up a timer to check so I can write it confidently in this review. I kid you not! I’m not saying that you have to go super fast but if you are in a hurry or you don’t have a lot of time to do your makeup in the morning but still want a nice, presentable face, this will be your best friend.

I really have had no qualms with this brush, it feels good, my makeup looks good and it doesn’t shed at all while washing. I wash my brush the night before I want to do my makeup and it has not shed a single hair. You just take a little shampoo on your palm, swivel and turn the brush in it several times, then turn on the tap and continue swiveling, and tada! clean white bristles!

Some people do have a query if using a brush for doing foundation will break you out. If you have sensitive skin, don’t use a foundation brush in a circular motion, using it in a downward motion. Moving in circles, or buffing as it is called is great for hiding large pores but it also pushes the product into the pores which can clog them. Very few people have this problem really, I buff my foundation with this brush AND I have sensitive skin, But I have never broken out, I promise!


A bonus point is that my mother loved this brush too, and that is a surprise because she is really not a brush person. She uses foundation with her fingertips and powders over and has never bothered with brushes. But I did use this on her once, (ofcourse it was super clean and I washed it thoroughly before I used it on myself) , and she loved it. She asked me to use it on her multiple times and I’ve ordered one for her too! Take my mother’s word girls, because she is VERY hard to please like that! 😀

This brush is raved about all over the internet and I’m so happy to find that all that raving is worth it! 😛 I really suggest everyone to get this because it will really change the way your foundation looks!

The Real Tecniques Expert Face Brush currently retails for INR 745 on and is also available on Flipkart for around the same price.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*


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