Maybelline Clear Glow All In One Fairness Compact Review

I have to confess that I’ve never bought a lot of affordable base makeup because some products, especially the Maybelline ones broke me out a lot when I was still learning to do my makeup. I always sort out to try more “expensive” ones as I thought they’d be of a better quality and wouldn’t give me spots.

I actually bought this compact powder because I saw a celebrity use it on a reality show. uh, yeah.  At first I thought it was Za or a luxury brand, because she’s a celebrity and they tend to use more high end and luxury products even if they endorse the more affordable brands. This particular lady is not really a star or very popular and I knew she was not associated with the brand in anyway (I don’t think she endorses anything, at all) and it was a reality show where they blur out the brand names of all products unless the show is sponsored by it. I caught a slight glimpse of the ‘Mayb’ when she was retouching her makeup and I  was sure it was this compact.


I went ahead and bought this baby about a month ago, I’d like to guess. I really liked it but was apprehensive about writing a review because it has a fairness tag to it which attracts some negativity, as people would think I am on the whole “fairness” bandwagon. Let me tell you I’m not. I want to tell you about a product that I really love and only because the company put ‘fairness’ in it’s name, I should not hold back my review. I’d honestly like it if companies did not use the term or promote “fairness”.

Coming to the product, it is a pressed powder for the face and comes in a nice faded pink case with a sponge applicator. The powder is not really finely milled like the higher end ones but I find that it controls oil and keeps my foundation put without retouching for over 6 hours. I have really oily skin that gets greasy within two hours of using a matte foundation, so 6 hours without blotting or retouching is an achievement. The key to applying this compact powder is to swipe the sponge on the compact and dab it on the skin as opposed to dragging it on as I’ve seen so many people do. If you want to build it up, dab a little more. Your foundation will stay put and your face will be matte.


I got the shade ‘No. 02 Nude Beige’ which is the second shade. The SA was pressing me to get the lightest colour but that has pink undertones and this one has yellow undertones which go well with my skin and brighten it. The shade is a perfect match for me but the compact comes in only 3 shades, which is quite appalling. India, with its various skin colours from English rose fair to lovely golden warm skin tones and even chocolate velvet, deserves a variety of makeup shades in base makeup with pink and yellow tones. Companies really disappoint me with their 3 or 4 colour selections in foundation and powder. Do they think only women of the select shades use makeup? Or that women will “adjust” to the shades or buy lighter shades to look “fair”? Come on, step up your game.


The powder does give quite some coverage for a compact powder and can be used over moisturiser on good skin days because it single handedly cannot cover dark circles or spots, you’ll need your BB cream, concealer foundation for that. The SA said that the powder can be used with a dry or wet sponge, the damp sponge gives a slightly dewy finish. I have not tried it with a damp sponge because I’m scared of bacteria build up and I bought the powder for setting my makeup so I wasn’t looking for that quality in the first place. The powder does not oxidize at all which is great because you won’t look orange at the end of the day! 😛

Other than the above mentioned points, the Clear Glow Compact has an SPF of 26 PA+++ and claims to have Vitamin C.

Overall, it is a really good, affordable and effective compact powder if you can match yourself to the three shades that it comes in.

The Maybelline Clear Glow All In One Fairness Compact Powder retails for INR 199 and is available at all Maybelline outlets and online stores.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful :*


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