Real Techniques Blush Brush review

I have always wondered how girls got such a perfect flush. It was nice and rosy, not over the top and blended so well it looked almost natural. I discovered how when I got this blush brush! 😛

Rewind to three years ago, I purchased a blush brush which was fairly affordable and it had okay-ish reviews. I was just starting out, it was cheap, so I got it. That brush was prickly as hell, pardon my language. But it really was. Prickly and gave a very uneven distribution of product. It picked up a LOT of product but did not help to blend it out at all. The blush would just cling to parts of my cheek and sit there.


I was never a blush person because I thought blush just didn’t look right on me. I always looked a bit over the top with it, until I found the Real Techniques blush brush. Fistly, like all other RT brushes, it is super soft and makes applying blush a dream. It picks up the right amount of product and blending is so easy, the brush just does all of the work for you!


It can also be used for contouring and to set your concealer with powder but it works wonders as a blush brush. I never believed that a brush could give a High Definition finish. But even with my 5X magnifying mirror, I do not see any streaks or unevenness. It is all well blended and looks gorgeous! I’m totally a blush person now and I love the way it pulls all my makeup together.


The Real Techniques Blush Brush currently retails for INR 710 on, it is priced differently on different websites so you can choose the lowest price and get that one. All prices are around 710 to 745, don’t go on and buy a one for 1k.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*


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