Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask Review

No matter how well we take care of our skin, a random pimple (or two) just appears out of no where and we’re left trying to heal it. I ordered this mask when I was going through a bad skin phase. I just got three big spots on my face. It just randomly happened. I followed my CTM routine, took off my makeup before I went to bed, used a new face towel everyday. But it still just happened! Oily skin woes!


Plum does extensive advertising on Facebook and I was just reading the comments of women on these ads about how it really helped them. I don’t really buy anything blindly, so I went to their website to take a look t the ingredients and how it works.

It claims to “cleanse, care, control acne, prevent recurrence, and to do all of this gently..”

The ingredients include Kaolin clay, bentonite, geen tea leaf extract and glycolic acid among other things and all these without parabens, phtalates, propylene glycol, SLS, DEA and PABA! In short, no bad stuff, just nice stuff!


Firstly, this mask looks like a mousse foundation in the jar and also feels like one when you touch it. It spreads so easily on the face. No tugging, no chunks due to drying of the mask, no clumps in one place. It glides on the face like mousse but settles down fairly quickly and starts to dry. When applied, it does suck the oil and grime out of the skin but it never stiffens the face. If you have ever used any mud mask, you’ll know that you cannot move your mouth or talk. If you do, your face will hurt a bit. This mask is quite comfortable while it sits on the skin.

When you apply it, you’ll feel a rush on coolness on your face and I really like that. It’s not subtle, it’s just full blown minty! It doesn’t say on the package about how long you must keep the mask on your face, so I do the usual 20 minutes. When I wash it off, my face feels really refined. It feels like it has really gone deep in my pores and sucked the grime out. But it doesn’t make my face parched like so many mud masks (I’m looking at you Himalaya Neem Face Pack. I’m looking at you!)


At first, I didn’t feel like it did anything for my spots, so I thought maybe it will take longer as it doesn’t have too many chemicals. However, I was pleasantly surprised the next morning as I felt that the pimples weren’t very painful anymore. They didn’t just zap out. But they looked and felt much smaller. You know how you can touch a pimple that is under the surface of the skin, and you can feel it’s size? I felt that the bumps had gone down considerably.

Now, it also did me one more good, it reduced my blackheads. I cannot claim it can do this for everyone since this is mainly an anti acne mask that works on spots and redness. But I noticed a lot of small, microscopic blackheads that I had, weren’t very visible anymore. I think Glycolic Acid has a role to play here since it is a great exfoliant.

I’d also like to mention that this is good for people who don’t like using manual scrubs as it is abrasive for the skin, this mask not only cleans your face but the glycolic acid in it also exfoliates and removes dead skin cells very effectively. You’ll notice your makeup going much more smoother the day or day after you apply it. This mask is so good after you’ve worn a full face of heavy makeup with primer, foundation, powder and setting spray. Especially if your makeup is very high coverage and you’ve built it up a lot or if it is not very breathable. Just apply this mask when you get home, after removing your makeup and washing your face and it will unclog your pores and prevent any break outs.


This mask has really helped me heal my under the surface pimples and I can also see the marks are going away slowly and it has just been, I think, two weeks or so! I’d advice you to use this mask twice or thrice a week and I hope you love this as much as I love it!

The Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask retails for INR 475 for 60grams of product and is currently is available only in online stores.

Until Next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

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Faces Ultimate Pro Matte Lipstick in 12 Bold review

Who doesn’t love bubblegum lips? A lovely pop of pink that reminds you of summer and makes a statement without making you look over the top.

I was in hunt of a perfect Bubblegum color lipstick for my skin tone ever since I saw Deepika Padukone wear it on a magazine cover talking into a mint green vintage telephone. Do you guys remember that?


Anyway, this lipstick caught my fancy almost 2 years back when I read it’s review on a blog. It was PERFECT! Not too bright, not too garish. Just a nice almost pastel pink but with YELLOW UNDERTONES! YAS! Found a bubble gum lipstick for me!

The Faces Ultimate Pro Matte Lipstick in 12 Bold is a lovely bubblegummy pink with yellow undertones that looks like a pop of pink but does not make you look clownish. You know, like a lipstick you should not be wearing?


The finish is a creamy matte that is not at all drying. The pigmentation is good but I feel like you have to layer it atleast twice for it to look stunning. The way I wear it is, I swipe it on, blot it GENTLY then apply another layer. And this time, I place a tissue over my lips and powder over the tissue with my giant powder brush. (This can even be done with fingers but you have to be extra gentle) Done! Lovely pop of pink, here you are!

The drawbacks are that it is not very long lasting because it is a creamy matte. It does notĀ fade or bleed but it might not survive a meal, any meal for me actually, unless you are very careful. But what are touch ups for? I really think that this is such a unique colour and is really hard to find that you can look past these drawbacks.

Also, you have to have a little base makeup on when you are wearing this lipstick. Wearing it on a bare face might accentuate your spots or dark circles. I don’t know why that is, but that’s just what I’ve personally experienced.


One thing that really bugs me is that the actual color just DOES NOT show up in pictures for anything! I think if you have the right light or whatever is needed, you might get it. I rely on natural light coming form my window to take pictures so mine didn’t really bring out the colour as it truly is. If you ever pass by a Faces Store, be sure to check and swatch this lipstick! You’ll thank me!

The Faces Ultimate Pro Matte Lipstick retails for INR 699 but is available on online stores for much less!

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

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Real Techniques Powder Brush review

Today I’m going to do a quick review and also a little information post about using powder. That’s because by the time I’d received this brush, I was already watching a video about how brushes are not ideal for powdering. Uh, what?

So it happened like this : I got this brush, it was super plush and soft and huge! I could powder my whole face and neck in seconds. But the catch was, the powder didn’t really stay long. I wouldn’t blame the brush for it. It is the technique’s fault.


When you pat on your compact or translucent powder with a sponge or dab it on with a powder puff. It presses on the foundation and locks it in, thereby extending it’s wearing time. Whereas when you swirl your brush in powder and sweeping it on or going in with circular motions on your face, you are doing nothing but dusting it off. Which takes away from the very reason you are using powder. It will not mattify for a long time, it won’t set anything in places. It will just sit on top for sometime.

This brush is huuuge! As you will see in the picture below, as compared to the expert face brush and the blush brush, it is a giant! It picks up powder well and is very, very soft. It is great for bronzing your legs or adding powder highlighter to large areas like your arms and hands. The bristles are great quality and do not shed at all. They are very gentle on your face and don’t feel prickly at all.


So if you are a person who likes to use a brush to powder your face, please go ahead and buy this. It’s just that I wouldn’t really advice you to spend money on something that is not really necessary.

The Real techniques Powder Brush is available on all online stores and is priced at roughly INR 780.


Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*


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