Real Techniques Powder Brush review

Today I’m going to do a quick review and also a little information post about using powder. That’s because by the time I’d received this brush, I was already watching a video about how brushes are not ideal for powdering. Uh, what?

So it happened like this : I got this brush, it was super plush and soft and huge! I could powder my whole face and neck in seconds. But the catch was, the powder didn’t really stay long. I wouldn’t blame the brush for it. It is the technique’s fault.


When you pat on your compact or translucent powder with a sponge or dab it on with a powder puff. It presses on the foundation and locks it in, thereby extending it’s wearing time. Whereas when you swirl your brush in powder and sweeping it on or going in with circular motions on your face, you are doing nothing but dusting it off. Which takes away from the very reason you are using powder. It will not mattify for a long time, it won’t set anything in places. It will just sit on top for sometime.

This brush is huuuge! As you will see in the picture below, as compared to the expert face brush and the blush brush, it is a giant! It picks up powder well and is very, very soft. It is great for bronzing your legs or adding powder highlighter to large areas like your arms and hands. The bristles are great quality and do not shed at all. They are very gentle on your face and don’t feel prickly at all.


So if you are a person who likes to use a brush to powder your face, please go ahead and buy this. It’s just that I wouldn’t really advice you to spend money on something that is not really necessary.

The Real techniques Powder Brush is available on all online stores and is priced at roughly INR 780.


Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*


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