Faces Ultimate Pro Matte Lipstick in 12 Bold review

Who doesn’t love bubblegum lips? A lovely pop of pink that reminds you of summer and makes a statement without making you look over the top.

I was in hunt of a perfect Bubblegum color lipstick for my skin tone ever since I saw Deepika Padukone wear it on a magazine cover talking into a mint green vintage telephone. Do you guys remember that?


Anyway, this lipstick caught my fancy almost 2 years back when I read it’s review on a blog. It was PERFECT! Not too bright, not too garish. Just a nice almost pastel pink but with YELLOW UNDERTONES! YAS! Found a bubble gum lipstick for me!

The Faces Ultimate Pro Matte Lipstick in 12 Bold is a lovely bubblegummy pink with yellow undertones that looks like a pop of pink but does not make you look clownish. You know, like a lipstick you should not be wearing?


The finish is a creamy matte that is not at all drying. The pigmentation is good but I feel like you have to layer it atleast twice for it to look stunning. The way I wear it is, I swipe it on, blot it GENTLY then apply another layer. And this time, I place a tissue over my lips and powder over the tissue with my giant powder brush. (This can even be done with fingers but you have to be extra gentle) Done! Lovely pop of pink, here you are!

The drawbacks are that it is not very long lasting because it is a creamy matte. It does not fade or bleed but it might not survive a meal, any meal for me actually, unless you are very careful. But what are touch ups for? I really think that this is such a unique colour and is really hard to find that you can look past these drawbacks.

Also, you have to have a little base makeup on when you are wearing this lipstick. Wearing it on a bare face might accentuate your spots or dark circles. I don’t know why that is, but that’s just what I’ve personally experienced.


One thing that really bugs me is that the actual color just DOES NOT show up in pictures for anything! I think if you have the right light or whatever is needed, you might get it. I rely on natural light coming form my window to take pictures so mine didn’t really bring out the colour as it truly is. If you ever pass by a Faces Store, be sure to check and swatch this lipstick! You’ll thank me!

The Faces Ultimate Pro Matte Lipstick retails for INR 699 but is available on online stores for much less!

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

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