What should you look for in a hair dryer?

A hair dryer or blow dryer, whatever you may call it is a very basic hair tool that almost every girl owns. But very few actually use it all the time? The reason: tangle, frizz and static.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to try fancy, bouncy blowouts from one of the Youtube tutorials but it just never turns out right no matter the quality of your products? And you sulk thinking that those girls just naturally have good hair that can be tamed and made to stay in place? You are wrong girlfriend! And I’m going to help you choose a great hair dryer that will not only dry your hair in the mornings without making it super poufy but also for when you want a bombshell blowout.

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I got some requests to do a review for my hair dryer but since it is not widely available, a lot of times out of stock and overpriced on a lot of websites, I decided to put forth a checklist in this post so you can look at all the hairdryers in the market and choose any one that ticks all of the boxes!

1. Ionic Technology

Ionic technology basically means that the hair dryer emits negative ions that add shine to the hair and retain it’s moisture. It is the most important feature that you must have in your hair dryer. It also reduces drying time and makes hair so much more smoother! Once you use a hairdryer with ionic technology you will never go back!

2. Ceramic and/or TourmalineĀ 

You must have either of these good guys in your hair dryer because they lock in moisture in your hair, nourish it while the heat is drying your hair and also protect against heat damage. You will have to additionally use a heat protectant but one of these will help preserve the texture of your hair and hair colour in the long run. Especially if you are like me and let your hair air dry very rarely.

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3. Adjustable heat and speed settings

Remember Mum’s old blow dryer? It just had 3 settings. 1 was cold slow air, 2 was hot slow hair and 3 was hot and ferocious wind! Haha! But jokes apart, all our mums had one of those hairdryers and when we saw youtube tutorials we never thought we could ever achieve that perfect blowout with them!

Your hairdryer must, must, must have different heat and speed settings. Generally there are two heat and two speed settings but some of those really swanky ones have 3 settings each. Which is even better since it gives you more control. You wan to dry your hair but don’t want the heat? Just turn up the first heat and highest speed setting. You will get a nice gust of air which is not too hot. Want a good blowdry but not hot air blowing all over your makeup? Use the hottest heat and lowest speed setting. Gorgeous, bouncy hair in a jiffy! It’s not going to be a distant dream seen only in hair commercials anymore!


4. Cool Shot Button

Any good hairdryer will have a cool short button, which has a snowflake symbol on it. You have to keep it pressed till you want cold air from your dryer. This setting is not a gimmick, it helps o seal your hair cuticles and prevent frizz since cold air completely seals hair cuticles. I is great for when you’ve done a gorgeous bouncy blowout and don’t want it to be ruined because of humidity!

5. Hair Dryer Extensions

You must look for extensions in a hairdryer. For straight to slightly wavy hair, use a nozzle, as shown in the picture with the blowdryer. For wavy to curly hair, use a diffuser. It not only cuts out drying time by concentrating heat in one section of hair but also enhances your natural curlsĀ and waves.

Apart from these, please make sure to check out the plug and see if it will fit into the plug in your house. If not, you can always buy an extension.

I hope you dolls found his post useful and will go out and get those dryers without any doubts!

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