BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave In Spray Review

Hello lovelies! If you’re a regular follower of the blog or my Instagram account ( 😛 ) you might be familiar with my obsession with big, voluminous hair! I prefer lift and volume even for an everyday look. Whether its blow dry or a ponytail, go high or go home is my motto! Sounds a bit wrong but you know what I mean. 😀


I had been wanting to purchase this leave in spray for sometime but I thought I’d wait for someone else to try it and review it so I could be sure about the product. Since the nozzle of my volume mousse broke off, I was desperately looking for something that would give me volume but not make the hair stiff or crunchy. I was confused between getting this or the Big Sexy Hair Spray but impulsively picked this up while grocery shopping with my mum. And am I glad that I did!


I am actually really apprehensive about the products that I buy and I expect them to have tall claims and not really live up to all of them. But I was really, if you may, “Blown away” by this.


The instructions say that you must “Flip hair upside down and spray evenly on damp hair, focusing on the roots. Dry naturally or blow dry for full-blown volume.”

I did exactly that and blow dried my hair and I was amazed at the kind of volume and texture it gave my hair. My mother isn’t really the gushing kind and doesn’t go gaga over how I look unless I really do look good. And she was enamoured by how full and bouncy my hair looked too!


What made me happy apart from the volume part is that it didn’t make my hair sticky at all. Generally any product that promises volume will make your hair just a bit sticky or maybe a little stiff because the product needs to hold the hair for maintaining volume for a long time. But this MIRACLE spray held the volume for three days straight (until I washed it off) and my hair didn’t feel icky, greasy or stiff even on the third day. I just needed a dry shampoo for my oily scalp and I tied my hair up in a pony and I was good to go. Like, WHAT?

The next time I sprayed this on my towel dried hair and let it dry naturally, it gave good volume (not as much as when I had blow dried but still great) and there was no stickiness this time either.

The product does not cause crazy build up and it didn’t make my scalp itchy or sensitive AT ALL which is a big thing because I have a very sensitive scalp which turns raw and red with some root lifting powders and products, but not with this one!


The product also claims to be a heat protectant on its own and I would most likely believe it but I use my L’oreal mythic oil nevertheless. The SA at the counter said I could iron my hair with this as well but I think that claim is a little far stretched because even though the product isn’t sticky while air drying or blow drying, products with volume and hold tend to stick to the surface of the flat iron and it may lead to breakage. Personally I do not recommend this for flat ironing but in all fairness the bottle doesn’t claim to do so. I’m just putting this down in case an SA tells you the same thing.

Overall, I really LOVE this product! It lives up to each and every claim it makes and it is affordable! What more would you want? I’m very happy with my purchase and I think I will continue to repurchase this until I get bored of volume in my hair!


The BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray retails for INR 550 and is also available in online store for a lesser price.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*


Tried and tested DIY Toner for glowing skin

Hello Lovelies! My health has been on a ride for sometime and I’m feeling lethargic a lot these days, which explains why I’m irregular in putting up posts. But finally I’m here with a, might I say, “miracle” toner that will give you glowing skin.

Now, I have to admit, this is not my idea or concoction; I saw it on Farah Dhukai’s Youtube channel and she does so many helpful DIYs for face and hair! Add to that she has such gorgeous glowing skin! You must watch her videos because I think all of them are bomb! So, enough with the gushing! 😛 She put up a video of a toner that would not only get rid of acne and scars but also give gleaming, glowy skin. I was very impressed and the comments under the video were very positive, a lot of women and men said it benefited to a great extent in lightening acne marks and getting a lovely glow.

All you need for it is:

A few strands of pure saffron 

Pure Rose Water


That is it! Now, I must tell you that because the hero of this toner is the saffron, make sure you use only good quality saffron strands and not any saffron powder with preservatives. Only SAFFRON STRANDS. I know that saffron is very expensive but you need only 3 or 4  to make half a standard size cosmetic spray bottle, which is probably 60 ml or so.

You need to use this once or twice a day, I would advice two times for better results. Just spray about three pumps onto a cotton pad or cotton wool and dab on the entire face. Follow up with moisturiser to lock the goodness in.

Saffron is very widely known in India for its medicinal and aesthetic benefits. In addition to which it is anti- inflammatory and antiseptic.

Rose water is soothing, hydrating and also tightens pores to some extent. I must also warn you to not use those cheap commercial rose waters that flood the Indian market. Most of them are heavy with glycerin, preservatives and colour. You need only pure rose water without any of these harmful ingredients.

Now, I did not have pure rose water available and Forest Essentials has closed down its store in the mall that is near my place. So I just made it with pure distilled water.


I filled half of my spray bottle with distilled water and put 4 strands of saffron in it. I let it stay for about 15 minutes after which I shook it. The water had turned a lovely yellow-gold colour. This is also a test for the saffron quality, very few strands are needed for the water or rose water to change its colour. I used this toner twice a day on a cotton pad after washing my face and before putting on moisturiser. It moisturises my face well and preps it for moisturiser. My skin was glowing withing two days of using it.

A little note- my skin was experiencing really bad rashes and inflamation because of the changing weather which I was working very hard to restore to its earlier glory. After using this toner, I could feel that my skin was soothed and not as itchy. The rashes disappeared in a matter of days and it has been two weeks that my scars have started to fade. It has given me a lovely dewy glow which only enhances when I put on my foundation and I’m a happy girl now! 😀

I want all of you lovelies to have a glowy face for the new year’s bash and I hope you try this DIY and like it!

The only people who shouldn’t use this would be someone who is allergic to saffron. We Indians have been putting saffron in all of our sweets and our mums gave it to use mixed with milk to make us stronger, so I doubt a lot of people would be allergic to saffron. But if you are, please stay away! There might be better products for you! :*

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Colour Glow Oil Review

Hello my lovelies, I’m back again for another review. As the title says, it is for the L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Colour Glow Oil. I purchased this when I got my highlights, which you an read about here. I already had the original Mythic Oil at that time in the Rich formula and I feel that the colour glow formulation is better than the original one.


Starting with the packaging, it comes in a plastic box which contains the bottle which is a luxurious gold colour and a lot of beauty bloggers really went gaga over the packaging. In all honesty it does look cute on the vanity. The bottle has a pump which houses a cap over it, the cap securely closes with a “tick” and it doesn’t come off in your bags if you are travelling. I’ve taken it with me on quite some trips and there has been no spillage.

The oil is very light but still has the viscosity of an oil. It smells pleasant and is in no way over powering, the fragrance is light and flowery. The colour glow oil absorbs easily in wet or dry hair and doesn’t look greasy. It instantly detangles the hair quite well and gives it a little slip.

I usually apply it to wet hair because products distribute evenly when hair is wet than when they are dry. I usually layer this up with a styling cream or mousse because it is not potent enough to protect hair from very high heat damage. But the usage instructions do say that you can style your hair as usual with this, which you can. I’ve done it a few times when I don’t want to put too much product in my hair and want it to feel light  and airy. On its own, the oil gives immense shine and softness to the hair, but it does not hold style unless it is sleek straight hair. Also, this oil cannot be used as a protection against hair irons, you’ll have to additionally use a flat iron cream or spray over it. It is perfect for blow drying though. I generally also take the tiniest amount after I’m done styling my hair for my ends and it does make my ends more moisturised and healthy.

Now, the only shortcoming that I can find in this product is that people who don’t like silicones in their hair products not  be happy as the product is not all natural. Personally I think hair colour is not natural either, and the very good quality all natural products are very heavily priced in the Indian market so this is a good alternative because although it has silicones it does not make your hair feel piece-y after a few uses. It maintains the flow that hair has and it gives a lot of shine to the hair.


Speaking specifically of shine, I would like to point out that people who have had global hair colouring done will see more shine as opposed to people who have highlights; Because this colour glow oil somehow makes the coloured hair really luminous. It does make all of the hair look shiny but not as light reflecting or luminous as the coloured parts.

Overall, it is a really good buy for people with coloured hair as it gives luminosity, softness and also some manageability.


I’m in a fix regarding the current price for it because some sites are having a sale and others have kind of really increased the price of this to 50 percent more! I got it for INR 899 and I think if you visit the L’Oreal Salon Chains it is still the same.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*



The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream Review

Hello there, lovelies! I’ve been missing in action for quite sometime now and I want to apologize for it but I’m also happy that you peeps have been gracious enough to check my blog on a regular basis! All the emotions being sorted, I’m going to do quick reviews of quite some products in the days to come.



Today’s product is The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream. I got this when my face was getting dry patches and rashes (which it still is recovering from) due to the volatile weather conditions in the city. The sun was burning hot in the day followed by heavy rains in the evening and cold nights. It was steadily wrecking havoc on my skin. My face was in desperate need of moisture that would quench the dry patches but not turn my face into an oil well.


This moisturizer came to my rescue. It soothes the dry patches very well and also gives a very natural matte finish. I cannot say matte totally, but the way normal skin feels. That is not too dry or too oily. It has illuminating particles that give the face a slight glow. Don’t expect a halo effect though. It has a pink tint which does not show up as highly pigmented unless you slather a lot onto your face. Which is not a worry because it settles down in a few minutes.


Even though it doesn’t make the skin very oily, it might oil up if the sun is too harsh. The cream does not have any SPF whatsoever which is turn off for people who like multi tasking products; But personally, I’m a thorough sunscreen wearer so it is not a problem for me. It is actually a plus because the cream can be worn underneath makeup in the evening and at night for a nice dewy look which doesn’t photograph ghastly in flash.

Get this cream if you are an oily skin girl who needs moisture in the winter months. I wouldn’t recommend this for severely dry skin or very humid places.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream retails for INR 1295 at The Body Shop outlets across the country and is also available on their official website and online stores like Flipkart.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*



Makeup Revolution London Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights

I have been loving the whole highlighting trend recently! And, honestly, who wouldn’t be sucked into sporting light shimmery arches shaping their upper cheekbones when their Instagram feed is over flowing with mini highlight and contouring tutorials!

I have not yet had the audacity – If I may- to contour my face because I have extremely oily skin and don’t want the brown of the bronzer to smudge with the pink of the blush and then with the shimmer of the highlighter to make my face look like a children’s colouring book gone wrong! I haven’t mastered the art of contouring, highlighting and then setting it all in place as yet. People who do it flawlessly have all my respect because I know how difficult it is.


So, going round and about and coming to the point 😛 I have tried some highlighters in the past and here I am, doing a review for one of the best affordable highlighters available in India. *So much praise* 😀

The Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter comes in a dome shaped container which I really like for some satisfying psychological reason (no, seriously). When I first received the package and was all excited to try it out, my heart sank a little looking at the colour. The highlighter looked more cool toned and silver which would clash with my warmer tones. I instantly regretted not reading up its reviews before placing the order. However, I went ahead and swatched it with my finger and it came out to be a beautiful soft gold that was more sheen-y than it was shimmery. It does have shimmer but most of it is finely milled and you see only a lovely golden sheen on your face when applied. It looks very sophisticated as opposed to glittery or garish.


unnamed (1)

This highlighter is quite finely milled. It never piles up in one place like shimmery products normally would because once shimmer sticks to the skin, oh boy does it STICK! This highlighter glides smoothly using the fingers or a fan or foundation brush and you can control the amount of product you use, even dab off the excess with a tissue if necessary. Though it does stay for very long without fading even a bit when it is given some time to set.


Al in all, this is a fantastic product and a real must have for the holiday season! Makeup Revolution makes some great quality products that are also affordable. Some of their products are misses, I agree; But most of them are spot on!

The Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden lights is available in online stores and retails currently for INR 450 on Flipkart (Prices may vary on different websites)

It also comes in two other colours called Peach lights and Pink Lights but I personally love this one for how well it agrees with my yellow undertones.

If by any chance this one is unvailable, MUA also makes a very similar highlighter called MUA Undress your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in Iridescent Gold which retails for INR 486. It is a very close dupe of the Makeup Revolution highlighter, if not exact!

I hope you liked this review and get on the bandwagon of highlighting because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good glow?

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam Review

The world of makeup wearing women is divided into two basic categories – Team Eyes and Team Lips. Team Eyes experiments extensively with eyeliners, kohls, kajals, eyeshadows, crease cuts and smokey eyes while Team Lips is attracted to all kinds of lip colours; bold, bright, barely there, nudes and has numerous lipsticks in their kitty. I for once, am from Team Lips! I love wearing lipstick and how! I love my nudes just as much as I love my brights!

There is however, always one colour that women LOVE but it still puts them in dilemma. Red. Which red would suit me? Is it too dark? Vampy? Too bright? Ugh! This one is just TOO GLOSSY! My lips look like latex! Gosh!

And on and on and on we go!


Which brings me back to the present where I’m about to review a red lipstick that pleases everyone! Heard that right!


The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream literally appears to be cream like (the whipped kind but not as fluffy looking, obviously) It is very soft and smells ever so slightly fruity, not very candy like though. It glides like a dream on the lips and looks glossy at first but dries to a velvety finish which appears matte but is still hydrating. I skip applying lip balm whenever I use this because I feel it doesn’t let the lip cream set to a matte finish and just sits being all glossy on top of the balm. If you have severely dry lips, you can definitely use a balm.

The colour is a blue based, moderately bright red which would suit all skin tones. It brightens up the face and if you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing base makeup but still want your face to look alive, this red is for you. It doesn’t make any skin tone look stark, blends nicely with every undertone and is very well pigmented, so it will not sheer out on your lips if they have pigmentation.


The lipstick wears quite long when it is allowed to set for some time, about 10 minutes without moving perhaps and survives meals that are not very oily. It also leaves a beautiful pink stain as it fades.


The only problem I have with this is that it finishes off too fast! There is only 8ml of product in the tube and I’ve hardly used it a lot for it to get over so soon! I think the packaging is to blame for this because it is opaque and you really can’t see how much is exactly left.

Apart from that I love this lipstick and am planning to buy London, Copenhagen and Antwerp variants soon!

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream retails for INR 750 presently.

Until next time lovelies, stay beautiful and rock those red lips! :*

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation review (Beige Claire)

Hello lovelies! I have been missing in action for about a month now because I was keeping super busy but here I am today, reviewing my holy grail foundation which I have been repurchasing for three years now! So let’s jump right into it!

The Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation claims to have 3 correcting pigments, yellow pigments- for dark circles, mauve pigments- for dull complexion and green pigments- for redness. It claims upto 16 hours of flawless complexion for skin that is even toned to perfection.

I first read about this on Indian Vanity Case which is one of my personal favourite blogs, where the blogger said that it was perfect for very oily skin that needed color correcting. And since Cynthia does her makeup so well and her recommendations are always on point, I decided to get a bottle for myself. I purchased it from the Bourjois counter of Parcos in Beige Claire which seemed to be a perfect match for my skin tone.


When I got home the same day, I decided to try it out and check for the oil controlling properties. I was an amateur at the time and didn’t have a lot of knowledge of makeup. I applied it with my fingertips all over my face and was horrified to find that the foundation looked very light for me! I immediately washed my face in despair. A few days later I tried it again and let it set for sometime, and Voila! Not only did it perfectly match my skin tone, my face was velvety matte and glowing at the same time! That was where my love story with this foundation began! 😛


The color correcting claims of this foundation are absolutely true in my opinion. Just do not expect it to color correct like one of those correcting concealer palettes that have green, orange, purple, brown, peach and highlighting colours. This is just a foundation and to the capacity of what a foundation can do, it excels in the category! It is definitely not for really brown spots or very deep set dark circles. You will absolutely need a concealer for those. But if you have mild imperfections and just puffy eyes with shadows or a pimple that is red, it works wonders! It makes me look fresh and cancels any dull tones too! Whenever I wear this with a slightly heavy coverage, I always get complemented and asked what different have I put to my face. It also does not oxidize and turn orange, thankfully!


The 16 hours claim is quite tall and I certainly cannot vouch for it, because I’ve never worn this or any foundation for more than 6 hours. But this does adhere to the skin and does not budge! It is, infact, very long lasting. Which reminds me that you absolutely have to use a makeup remover to remove this foundation because it really becomes second skin due to its long lasting capability. I broke out the first time I used this because I only used face wash to remove my makeup (which I never do now!). It needs a bi-phased remover like the ones from Lakme or Revlon or a cleansing oil or balm to thoroughly come off.

I have been using this every single time I do my makeup and have always seen a significant improvement in the appearance of my pores and covering up of imperfections. But I have to apply a good moisturiser before I put the foundation on because it clings to dry patches otherwise. This foundation can be applied using fingertips but I do not recommend it. When you get a fresh bottle of this foundation, the texture seems very runny, which your makeup sponge might soak, but give a week or two and it gets thick, so thick it doesn’t drip off your finger. It then needs a sponge to be buffed into the skin. I advice you to dab the foundation on face with a dry makeup sponge first and buff in with circular motion later if needed. Also, this foundation does not apply well with a wet sponge and gets patchy. This may be due to its water resistant property. But it blends in beautifully with a dry sponge.

The Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation presently costs around INR 1300 but I have seen it on Flipkart for INR 990, so if you test your colour any time you visit their counter, you can just order the shade online.

That was my review for this perfect foundation and hope it helps my beauties with oily skin!

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful :*

What to do when you break out

Very few people are blessed with blemish free, glowing skin 365 days of the year. The rest of us just have to improvise 😛

A while back- two weeks to be exact- I began to break out really bad on my cheeks. They weren’t your average, hormonal pimples, but under the skin, headless cysts. I have never in my life broken out so bad and I knew it was either something different that I was putting on my skin or some changes in my eating habits. After a lot of thought and analysis (yup!) I came to realize that it was a health supplement that my body was reacting adversely against. I stopped immediately and there were no more new breakouts. But there were the old ones that I had to manage and it took me quite some time and effort to get rid of them. So, after being through the big skin turmoil myself, I’m writing out this article to help you lovelies take care of your skin and how to mange it when you break out!

1. Get to the root of the problem 

We often try to treat the pimples that exist but fail to recognize the actual under laying problem. This could be any dietary changes or comedogenic products that might be blocking your pores. Scan all your products for any potential ingredients that you might be allergic to and do not use any new skin care or make up product unless you are sure it’s not going to add to the problem.

2. Use your most trusted products

Always keep some holy grail products at hand for any emergency breakout situation. They could be spot treatment, face mask or acne marks fading cream. I personally have a whole different regime for if I start to breakout and they are superheroes for my skin.


3. Put moisture back in your skin

So many of us are well versed with treatment products but we tend to forget that these products dry out our skin along with the pimples because they are mainly designed to draw out oils and impurities from the skin. This sometimes leads to scaly, stretchy skin. You know when it hurts to smile? That kind. Invest in a good compensating cream or your favorite moisturizer that is non comedogenic. My personal favorites are Avene Compensating cream and Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF 15.


4. Don’t cake your face!

We all feel a little insecure when we break out and feel the need to cover it up. There is no harm in applying makeup when you are breaking out. Just make sure it doesn’t clog your pores and don’t go over board. Going all out with a lot of product can lead to visibly uneven and patchy skin. Your best bet is concealing the blemishes with a concealer or foundation- whatever is your preference. Apply a thin layer first to see how much coverage you need and build up if necessary. Let the rest of your skin show to give an appearance of a natural finish.


5. Bright Lips to the rescue!

This works for me, EVERY SINGLE TIME because it draws all attention to the lips, taking away from your blemishes. The trick is to, however, use a bright lipstick for your undertone. If you’re cool toned, use a blue based color and if you’re warm toned, use a yellow based color. It is very easy to identify what tone you are; Examine the nerves on your wrist, if they’re green, you are warm toned and if they’re purple, you are cool toned. If you have a thorough mix of both, you are neutral toned. Which means you can roll with both the undertones!


Now, the reason for using a bright lipstick for your undertone is that it brightens up your face while blending in with your color. If you use a bright lipstick different from your tone on any normal day, it looks vivacious, bold and vibrant. But using it on bad skin days would actually make your face look stark, emphasizing any unevenness or patchiness.

6. Emphasis the eyes

If you’re not a bright lips person, you can always do a thick eyeliner, flick it out or double wing it. It does the same thing as the bright lips, drawing attention away from any incorrections of the face. This, luckily has no rules. Do a colorful eye or keep it classic. Whatever you fancy!


7. Rock your gorgeous locks

You know what depresses me more than a bad skin day? A bad skin day along with a bad hair day, particularly if I have somewhere important to go to. I always do my hair perfectly when my skin is breaking out. It makes me feel put together and even though my face is giving me a tough time, my hair is saving the day by being FABULOUS! *dramatic hair flip*


Now, this doesn’t apply for eye makeup. It’s for any luminizing primer, shimmery highlighter or face powder with flecks of glitter. Shimmer essentially enhances the texture of your skin and also any unevenness that comes with it! It is also guilty of highlighting open pores and marks. Just bid it a short farewell until your skin clears up!

These were some tips and tricks that I follow when I’m having bad skin days and I hope it help you lovelies out with yours too! And always, remember, you are gorgeous even when your skin decides to throw a tantrum!

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

My little collection of n*de lipsticks for Indian skin

Hello my lovelies! I’ve been so happy for the last few days because I’ve been getting quite a few personal messages on my Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram saying that people find my blog very helpful and that is creatively satisfying for me. More than getting money or getting popular I believe I feel happier when I know I have helped someone. Not in a big, humanitarian way, but its help nonetheless. I would really love to read more feedback and if you guys want any particular subject to be blogged about.

So the last couple of days have also been a teensy bit difficult because I was filming a video for Youtube but the lighting wasn’t good, there was problem with the editing and then I got a bout of hormonal acne. I don’t usually get acne but I knew that this time I would break out because I was getting severe cramps. I was in pain and it was difficult to even get out of bed. It was just me, my bed, a hot water bag and Youtube! ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG.

I wanted this post for a long time but never really got to it. Now that I don’t feel like filming or doing a tutorial because of my spots, I’m here for you with the best nude lipsticks for Indian skin which I own. There are a lot of other lipsticks available in the market today, but I do not recommend what I have not tried or swatched on my lips. So I apologize in advance if your favourite nude is not mentioned!


Above is the swatch of the lippies. I’ll just list them down starting from top to the bottom so its easier to identify.

  1. Colorbar Definer Lip Liner in Creamy Nude 006
  2. Bourjois Levres Contour in 12 Facetieuse
  3. Colorbar Lip Pencil in Nude Pink 007
  4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme 306 Rose Velvet
  5. Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme in Deep Earth
  6. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 240 Undressed
  7. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 700 Nude Delight

Colorbar Definer Lip Liner in Creamy Nude is a really good nude lip liner for Fair to light skin. It has that really classy nude feel to it. It is creamy but not really glossy. It may not show up on pigmented lips though and might wash out really dark skin tones.


Bourjois Levres Contour in Facetieuse is hands down the best nude lippy I’ve ever tried. This is my go to product when I don’t know what I want to put on my lips but still want to look polished and put together. It gives your face a really posh appeal like an off duty super model! This lip liner shows up on ALL skin tones and even on pigmented lips. The only drawback is that it looks a little darker on very fair skin but I think the brown is making a comeback in a big way so you’re good!

Colorbar Lip Pencil in Nude Pink is a tricky color because it is, as it’s name suggests, a nude with pink undertones. The first time I put it, my face looked like the life had been sucked out of it. I have a neutral skin tone leaning more towards yellow and sometimes very pink undertones make my lips look stark. This lip liner however, gets better as the skin tones get darker. Which means it is a good pick for people that have more colour in their skin.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rose Velvet is the first lipstick I ever tried! Which is why it has a special little place in my heart. It is a cream finish lipstick with a gorgeous mellow, peachy brown color. The color is not as dark as you see in the swatch. The lipstick I have is quite old and the color has built up over time. It has a very playful, sheer to medium pigmentation which can be built up as you like. I hate creamy lipsticks with a vengeance but I’m in love with this one for years now! It looks best when paired with the Colorbar Creamy Nude lip liner! If you just want one lipstick has a lovely peachy nude color, give this one a chance!

Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Creme in Deep Earth. This is the lipstick I never got down to reviweing! 😛 I did review the other color in this which is Deep Blush but this one just slipped my mind! The color of this is a neutral pink that looks stark when you put it on but just give it some time to settle while you wing out your eye liner or do your face up and blot it with a tissue for an I-didn’t-even-try beautiful neutral lips. It looks very natural on me and my cousin who has more colour in her skin loves it too! So I guess it suits most skin tones pretty well!

The Rimmel Lasting finish Lipstick in Undressed is a little difficult to pull off, even by me. The color looks delicate and is a very made-for-work sort of shade. I can picture a busy woman with her pencil skirt, busy typing away on her laptop, wearing this color. It has a matte finish and is comfortable enough to wear over a balm. Sadly, this shade is for fair to medium skin only and can wash out darker skin tones. It is also not for bad skin days as it doesn’t brighten up the face or give it a put together look.

20150904_104703 (1)

Lastly, The Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking buying a nude lipstick lighter than my skin tone! I saw some reviews of UK blogs and blindly bought this with the Undressed lipstick in a hurry. It COMPLETELY washes me out and I’m very sure it’ll wash out even fair skin tones. So unless you are Snow White with the pinkest cheeks in the whole wide world, this will make you look dead! I however found it perfect to mix with very dark lipsticks to give a nice light, creamy color and it works fabulously for that. I did the Kylie Jenner lip colour with this (not the swollen lips!) by mixing a berry pink lipstick with the Nude Delight and still mix it with darker colors to get a unique color that no one can copy! *heeheehawhaw*

That was all for this post! I hope you find your perfect nude from amongst my list of nudes! 😀

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain + The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick (review + comparison)


It’s a Sunday and instead of going out and doing all the things that we’d planned during the week, we’re just lazing on the couch while sipping numerous cups of tea. You’re looking disheveled and tired but as luck would have it, you have to go out! You’re just not in the mood for winging out your eyeliner or wearing bright lips. In times like these, don’t let your fatigue hold you back from sporting a fresh, rosy face! A lip and cheek tint is here for your rescue!


I originally wanted to purchase the Benefit Benetint but it costs almost double its actual price in India and let’s be honest, WE’RE ALL BROKE! I settled for The Body Shop lip and cheek stain as it is said to be the dupe of Benetint; Which it is not. The Benetint is red and this one is pink. (I also had the red holiday version of the stain which, by the way, was FABULOUS!)


Moving on, the stain is very watery and has to be applied with your fingers because if you apply it like a traditional gloss, its going to turn out uneven on your lips. It dries matte on the lips and might even feel uncomfortable but it lasts really, really long. If you prefer more glossy lips, just go on and apply a lip balm over it and you’ll be fine. On the cheeks, this stain is a blessing! Gives ample time to blend and lasts the entire day on my oily skin! Gives a lush, pink flush and never budges until you take it all off!

IMG_20150818_131652 (1)

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick comes in lip balm like retractable tube and is much easier to use than the stain. You just have to swipe it on your lips and cheeks, blend it a bit and you’re done! It gives a very delicate, subtle color. I have to admit, this particular color which is 35 is sheerer than the rest and has lesser pigmentation so it may not show up on women of color. It is strictly for fair to light skin tones. The stick feels moisturizing on your lips but looks velvety as it’s name suggests.



Over all, the stain stays longer, is pinker and deeper while the stick is moisturizing and light weight but lasts for a lesser time.

If you just want to buy one product because you want to try it out for the first time, I say, go for the stain!

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The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain retails for INR 850 and The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick retails for INR 995.

Until next time, lovelies, stay beautiful! :*